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GW Micro Announces Renaming Challenge Vote



Fort Wayne, Indiana (January 20, 2012) - GW Micro, Inc. (www.gwmicro.com), 
maker of Window-Eyes, recently held the Renaming Challenge for GWSkype - a 
program that is plugged into Skype™  and makes it accessible to all blind and 
visually impaired people who use a Windows computer.  The Renaming Challenge 
was designed to create a new name for GWSkype to better comply with the 
SkypeKit developer terms of service.

GW Micro has taken all of the suggestions that were submitted and narrowed it 
down to the top five.  We want to give the GWSkype community and anyone 
interested in the new name the chance to vote on the best name.  Voting begins 
now and will end at 12:00 PM Eastern on Monday, January 23.  We ask that you 
please only vote one time. You can place your vote at 

Please spread the word about voting for the new name so that your voices can be 
heard.  Happy voting!

GW Micro has been a trusted pioneer in the adaptive technology industry since 
1990, and continues to lead with innovative, customer driven solutions.

Skype™ is a trademark of Skype Technologies S.A.

Dan Weirich, VP of Sales and Marketing
(260) 489-3671


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