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Hi, this is from a man that has been blind all his life since birth. He is a
professional singer and composer and producer all his working life. I know
Neal very well and he does very professional podcast. So follow the link
below and enjoy!

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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Hi all, I am uploading a podcast to BCT on this very handy recorder/text
editor for the iPhone, iPhone, and iTouch.  In the mean time, you can go to
the Sixth Mode Solutions web site and check
 out the very accessible flash player if you want to hear the podcast on
line.  Here is some information about both the iPhone app and the player.

List Recorder is an iPhone app that combines making lists with an easy to
use, yet powerful audio recorder. The result is a handy app that lets you
quickly jot down and organize information as text, audio or both. But what
makes List Recorder special is its ability to be used eyes-free and its use
of custom motions and gestures.
Navigate through your lists with taps and tilts. Check items with swipes.
Wipe out with a back flip. You'll feel like you have a magic wand that talks
to you as List Recorder responds to your waves and touches.
It's quick and easy to record a note. Tilt right and tap: you've got a new
item. One more tap and you're recording. Give it a title and text or just
tilt left and go back to the list view. Organize in whatever way you want by
sorting and creating lists within lists.

The podcast is a Brief Overview of List Recorder.  Jenny Axler starts things
off with a brief introduction.  I then highlight some of the coolest and
most useful features of this app.  You'll hear how I combine VoiceOver with
List Recorder's custom gestures and tilt motions for a powerful eyes-free

These podcasts can be played using the Sixth Mode Audio Clip Player. The
Player provides an optimal way to listen to a podcast whether you are
sighted, low vision or use a screen reader. Click the "Play Podcast" link in
the podcast's entry to experience the rich variety of audio controls on the
podcast's clip page.
The clip page includes visual controls as well as two types of links for
controlling audio playback. The links under the "Audio Controls" header
include play, pause and positioning functions, as well as a download and
help link. The best part is what you'll find under the "Table of Clips"
header: a list of links you can click to get right to the described segment
of the podcast.  There is also a link to download the complete podcast.

Here is the link to the podcast page.


Comments on List Recorder and the Sixth Mode player are welcome.

Neal Ewers
Ravenswood Productions
http://www.ravenswood.org <http://www.ravenswood.org/> 
Work as if it was your first day.
Play as if it were your last game.
Forgive as soon as possible.
Love without boundaries.
Laugh without control.
Speak with people as if it may be the last thing you ever say to them.
And never stop smiling.
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