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 See below and I think this might be of interest to some of you.

Joe Plummer (JP)
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These scripts are completely free and are specific for the jaws screen

The Itunes scripts aare for version 10.2.

Please direct any and all comments and questions towards John Martyn, the
creator of these scripts. His contact info is at the bottom of this email.

First Rhapsody in a online music subscription service that allows you to
listen to unlimited music of only 10 bucks a month. You can search through
over 10 million songs and have them instantlt play on your computer. the
website for the scripts is 


Rhapsody Blind has undergone under almost a year of development testing, and
The shortcuts are in an easy to use menu called the the quick key menu. 
pressing control + shift + H accesses the menu.
Also is a guide to help you navigate rhapsody. press control + shift + G

For the iTunes scripts, they enable you to navigate iTunes much faster and
access information like artists and track, timecode, status bar info, etc. 
You can fast forward and rewind and such. Most everything is based on using
the enter key to activate things in lists and it guides you to the next
window of information. The quick key shortcuts are found by pressing control

+ shift + H. The guides are found by pressing control + shift + G.
To download the beta of Blind Tunes 


The ITunes scripts were coded for iTunes 10.2. I don't know how it will work
with prior 10 versions. 

These scripts are superior to any other music scripts in that you can
navigate extremely fast to what you want. Rhapsody was otherwise
inaccessible and iTunes is clunky in its navigation, but you have full
access with the scripts. Rhapsody Blind is a matured script and has
undergone many updates to reach its full potential even using the equalizer.

Blind Tunes for iTunes is only a few days old and still being developed to
allow better access. With time, it will become a must for any music
listener. I would love to have people check out these scripts and tell me
what they think. You can contact me at JohnRobertMartyn@xxxxxxxxx

Thanks and I hope you enjoy!
John Martyn 

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