[tabi] FW: Ai Squared and GW Micro Join Forces - Assistive Technology Leaders Merge to Expand Opportunities for Computer Users Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired

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Subject: Ai Squared and GW Micro Join Forces - Assistive Technology Leaders 
Merge to Expand Opportunities for Computer Users Who Are Blind or Visually 
Manchester, Vermont and Fort Wayne, Indiana (May 1, 2014) - Ai Squared 
<http://www.aisquared.com> , the maker of ZoomText and sitecues 
<http://www.sitecues.com> ; and GW Micro <http://www.gwmicro.com> , the creator 
of Window-Eyes, have merged into one company. With this merger, the companies 
will combine their talents to better assist computer users who are blind or 
visually impaired.
ZoomText is the world's number one screen magnifier and text-to-speech software 
package that allows people who are visually impaired to use a computer with 
ease. Window-Eyes is a popular screen reader that enables people who are blind 
to be fully independent on the computer by translating visual information into 
speech and/or Braille.
"Our mission is to provide a full family of computer accessibility solutions 
for users who are low vision or blind, whether they access digital information 
via their desktop, the web or their mobile device," said David Wu, CEO of Ai 
Squared. "Earlier this year, we commercially launched sitecues, a product which 
enables website owners to build accessibility tools right into their websites. 
Today's merger with GW Micro rounds out our mantra of 'We've got accessibility 
covered' - with our combined forces, we can now deliver an even wider range of 
computer access solutions."
The need for assistive technology continues to grow. According to the World 
Health Organization, over 285 million people in the world are considered 
visually impaired; 39 million of those are blind, and 246 million have moderate 
to severe visual impairments. "The merger of Ai Squared and GW Micro brings 
together two companies that offer great solutions for the millions of Microsoft 
customers around the world who are blind or visually impaired," said Rob 
Sinclair, Chief Accessibility Officer at Microsoft.
"We are also delighted that Ai Squared will continue to develop and support the 
Window-Eyes for Office Offer as many of our customers rely on this screen 
reading solution to enable access to Windows, Office and other Microsoft 
products," Sinclair said.

Dan Weirich, Co-founder of GW Micro and now Vice President at Ai Squared, said 
he is thrilled to incorporate Window-Eyes into the Ai Squared product family.
“It’s a natural fit,” Weirich said. “Combining our companies will strengthen Ai 
Squared’s global presence in the assistive technology industry, allowing us to 
serve even more customers.”
Weirich noted that many customers using web and computer accessibility tools 
inevitably progress further along the visual impairment spectrum during their 
lifetime.  As a result, they will require more advanced assistive technology as 
their needs change. With the merger, Ai Squared will be in a better position to 
assist those customers, developing products that provide a seamless transition 
and user experience as customers adapt to their changing vision.
Ai Squared will continue to offer Window-Eyes and its related products as they 
were previously offered by GW Micro. In addition, a free and fully featured 
version of Window-Eyes will continue to be available via the Window-Eyes Offer 
for Users of Microsoft Office as part of the recently announced partnership 
with Microsoft and GW Micro. The GW Micro team will remain in Indiana as part 
of the Ai Squared team, which is headquartered in Vermont.
About Ai Squared: Ai Squared (www.aisquared.com) has been the worldwide leader 
in assistive technology solutions for people who are visually impaired for over 
20 years. The product line is available in over 20 languages and sold in 45 
countries through a network of over 350 global distributors. Ai Squared's 
screen magnification and screen-reading products dramatically improve a 
computer's usability and friendliness for users who are blind or low vision, 
raising their level of productivity, satisfaction, and independence. The family 
of Ai Squared products includes ZoomText, ZoomText Large-Print Keyboard, 
ZoomText ImageReader, ZoomText Mac, Window-Eyes, sitecues, the ZoomReader iOS 
app, and the ZoomContacts iPad app.
About GW Micro: GW Micro, Inc. (www.gwmicro.com) has been a trusted pioneer in 
the assistive technology industry since 1990; it has led with innovative, 
customer-driven solutions, and the GW Micro team has always been proud of its 
description as the Voice of Vision.

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