[tabi] FW: 2 more raging examples of Starmetro's incompetence: Evergreen detours, plaza gate redesignations

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I've been asked to post this letter, recently sent to Star Metro, to TABI as a 
way of informing everyone of recent changes.

From: Erica [mailto:ericamccaul@xxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Sunday, June 24, 2012 10:06 PM
To: Jay.Townsend@xxxxxxxxxx
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Subject: 2 more raging examples of Starmetro's incompetence: Evergreen detours, 
plaza gate redesignations
Mr. Waterman,
I once again find myself exasperated by the poor planning/implementation 
Starmetro has shown of late.

First, on your webpage http://www.talgov.com/starmetro/routes/e.cfm ; I find 
this notice:
"ATTENTION: Due to construction at the intersection of Park Ave. and Franklin 
Blvd., StarMetro's Evergreen route will detour to Call St. and Cadiz St. 
Evergreen westbound will leave C.K. Steele Plaza via Call St., turn south onto 
Cadiz St., then turn west onto Park Ave. Evergreen eastbound will travel along 
Park Ave., turn north on Cadiz St., then east onto Call St. to C.K. Steele 
Plaza. This detour will begin on Tuesday, June 18, at 7 a.m. and last until 5 
p.m. on Thursday, July 26. This detour will affect about eight StarStops along 
Park Ave. Temporary stops will be placed to alert customers of the detour."
1) It seems you got your eastbound and westbound confused.
2) By "temporary stops" do you mean a) informational signs at the now-bypassed 
stops, or b) temporary stops along Call to replace the non-working stops on 
EFFECT! Such postings should be made not only on your much-loved Facebook and 
Twitter, but also a) ON THE AFFECTED BUS(ES), b) at the affected stops, and c) 
at C.K. STEELE PLAZA-- all reasonable places where real bus riders will see 
such postings!!

Second, and perhaps worse, is the surprise redesignation of gates at C.K. 
Steele Plaza. I hear that they will now be numbered instead of lettered. 
However, on a recent trip through C.K. Steele, I saw that the labeling is 
incomplete and inconsistent, and does not include updates to the large print 
and Braille placards hung at eye level. Furthermore, this change makes the 
current Ride Guide obsolete. I see you have attempted to "mitigate" this sudden 
change by simply REMOVING gate references from your website. This begs the 2 
questions: How am I to determine where to catch my bus at C.K. Steele? and Why 
is it seemingly so impossible for you to give us riders what we need to 
effectively use this system??

These two current examples of the poorly planned fiasco that is Nova 2010 not 
only make for at least one exceedingly frustrated bus rider, but also serve to 
reinforce that those working on the project have no real world experience using 
the service they are attempting to create.

I urge you, I BEG you to do what is necessary (perhaps using the bus 
exclusively for a whole week) to gain the insight required to fashion a bus 
system that is not just an ugly necessity for the unfortunate underclass, but 
one which is actually a somewhat attractive alternative-- for some, at least-- 
to the precious automobile. Didn't you say, 3 years ago, that increasing 
ridership was one of the goals of Nova 2010?? You're certainly not going to 
accomplish that with tactics such as these.

Most sincerely,
Erica McCaul
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