[tabi] FW: $1,471,554 to Blindness Research

  • From: "Allison and Chip Orange" <acorange@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2010 21:00:36 -0400

Here's some good news!


From: Foundation Fighting Blindness: Gordon Gund, Chairman
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2010 8:25 PM
To: acorange@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: $1,471,554 to Blindness Research

 <http://www.fightblindness.org/site/R?i=_5t89vob-qcA6F0b7utIFg..> [object

Dear Chip,

Thanks to generous donors to my summer match campaign, $1,471,554 more
dollars are being funneled into research on treatments and cures for

  <http://www.fightblindness.org/site/R?i=XKtXlnJQWwXEYXcJXcbTgA..> Gordon
Gund Match 2010 Donate Button

I'm very excited to report back to you today at the end of my summer
fundraising match campaign. 

Because so many gave so generously, we raised $490,518 from our donors like
you.  And my wife Lulie and I couldn't be happier to match every dollar with
two additional dollars.  

Which  <http://www.fightblindness.org/site/R?i=txBuuem9i9Xk0bPubl3cWA..>
means that altogether we just raised $1,471,554 for blindness research! I'm
extremely grateful.

$1,471,554 is enough to provide 14 research grants to top investigators
working on cutting edge blindness research.  

Researchers like Dr. David Gamm of the University of Wisconsin, Drs. Debra
Thompson and David Zacks of Kellogg Eye Institute at U. Michigan, Dr. Thomas
Reh of the University of Washington, and Dr. Michael Young of Harvard
Medical School who have been working on developing stem
<http://www.fightblindness.org/site/R?i=adJnjMFCUECw9B-XshNGoA..> cell
treatments to save and restore vision.  

Their ongoing work has brought this promising research to the point where
clinical  <http://www.fightblindness.org/site/R?i=InFXskxULM2FLXgj_PhGzg..>
trials are close at hand. 

The Foundation Fighting Blindness supports hundreds of investigators at
dozens of research centers, hospitals and universities all over the world
every single year. To read more about the talented researchers we are
funding now, visit our website at Foundation Fighting Blindness - Funded
<http://www.fightblindness.org/site/R?i=FxaW30R6w20B_TMy83kvVQ..> Grants. 

It's because of friends like you that research breakthroughs are happening
at an ever-faster pace. I'm more optimistic than I've ever been about our
chances for success.  And I'm extremely grateful for all you've done to help
us get this far.


 Gordon's Signature

Gordon Gund


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