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Thanks Lynn.
I'd like to add some advice from Suze Ormon: don't use a financial
planner or investment advisor who makes money from getting you to invest
with them, or by buying products that they sell.  this includes the
financial advisors available for 401k or deferred comp investors, via
the companies you could invest with.
she has said on her show soooo many times that she spends so much time
trying to help people out of messes caused by financial advisors who had
vested reasons for getting these people to invest with them.
she prefers, if you need a financial advisor, that you research them
carefully, and then hire one who you pay by the hour, and who has no
financial ties to the products they recommend.
We think this is excellent advice, and so wanted to pass it along.


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        Financial planning tools

        Planning for your financial future is never easy. And today's
economy adds even more uncertainty.

        There's always help available with financial planning. I speak
with a financial planner before making big decisions.

        Not everyone can afford or wants a financial planner. But that
doesn't mean you shouldn't learn more about financial planning.

        At FINRA, you'll find a bevy of tools and calculators. For
example, you can check the background of investment advisors.

        Or, quiz yourself on your investment knowledge. There are also
retirement, loan and college savings calculators.

        The knowledge you gain can help you work more efficiently with a
financial planner. And it can help do-it-yourselfers, too.    


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