[tabi] [Dtb-talk] FW: APH NEW PRODUCT ALERT: Book Port Plus!

  • From: "Lynn Evans" <evans-lynn@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 15:33:54 -0500

Book Port Plus is here!

.....and here's the link to order (from Shop.APH)........


We are extremely pleased to announce the availability of Book Port Plus, the 
latest generation digital recorder/player.


Read Digital Talking Books, play digital audio, read computer files, and make 
superb recordings with Book Port Plus(tm)!

Book Port Plus represents the latest generation of accessible media 
player/recorders. Its small size, quality recording, and unique capabilities 
make it an ideal replacement for older technology like cassette 
player/recorders, earlier Digital Talking Book (DTB) players, or inaccessible 
commercial digital recorders. Its specialized hardware and software makes Book 
Port Plus easier to use, more reliable, and more flexible than cell phones or 
PCs that might perform some of its functions.

The quality components and innovative software make Book Port Plus an excellent 
music player and outstanding recorder. The reading controls let you read a wide 
variety of books in both audio (human speech) and text (synthetic speech) 
format. Its ability to create Digital Talking Book recordings is unique.

Book Port Plus contains state-of-the-art hardware:

* High-speed USB lets you read NLS DTB cartridges, thumb drives, and USB CD-ROM 
* High capacity SD(tm) card support -- up to 32GB
* Stereo microphone jack
* Stereo headphone jack
* Built-in speaker
* Built-in microphone

What Can I Read on Book Port Plus?

* Digital Talking Books from National Library Service (NLS). These books 
include both downloaded titles and titles sent in the mail on a cartridge.
* Digital Talking Books from Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic (RFB&D). You 
may download titles from their website and listen with the Book Port Plus, or 
you may order titles on CD.
Note: An optional USB-powered CD-ROM drive, available from commercial vendors, 
is required to play the CD directly from the Book Port Plus.
* Digital Talking Books from www.bookshare.org<http://www.bookshare.org>
* Audio books from www.audible.com<http://www.audible.com>
* Text-based books from various sites on the internet, for example: 

Books you scan using optical character recognition software
Note: The unit must be authorized through RFB&D or NLS to play recordings from 
these organizations. You also need to have an account to use 


Book Port Plus' recording capabilities are unmatched and perform better than 
many dedicated digital recorders.

The Book Port Plus recorder supports:

* Both auto gain control and manual level setting
* Ability to monitor recording
* Accessible peak meter guidance
* Append to recordings
* Edit recordings
* Turn a recording into a DTB
* Extremely high quality, quiet audio pre-amp


All shipments will incur actual UPS shipping rates based on the destination.

Thank you.

Your APH Partners

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