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Did you guys see where Google's entire development of driverless cars, all
staff and facilities, are being moved from California to Texas due to
California's "overly restrictive laws which prevent driverless cars from
being operated". (this isn't a direct quote, more the substance of their

It's very disappointing that they were unable to get California to even
consider changing their laws to allow for these types of cars.

On the up side, many cars available today have almost the same capabilities
being added to them right now as the car William took a ride in. They offer
automatic driving which acts like a cruise control but keeps you both in
your lane and from getting too close to the car ahead. Even years ago the
local Mercedes dealer demonstrated how their radar guidance system allowed
it to follow the car ahead at a safe distance, but automatically operating
the accelerator and the brakes so the driver didn't have to. And many cars
also add an automatic parking ability. These are all completely legal now,
and I think they'll be allowed to continually improve such systems; the
sticking point seems to be the requirement that there is a licensed driver
behind the wheel of the car at all times.


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I just had an experience today that I would like to share with you. I was
asked to take a ride in a Driverless car. If you ever get the chance, I
would recommend it to anyone.

It was an Audi A-7Consept car. I was introduced to the team with the car at
the Tallahassee Antique Car museum. It was a fun gathering and we all had a
grand time.

To be understood, this car cannot find its way into or out of a parking spot
and drive like a traditional car. The driver piloted it threw traffic and
then onto the freeway.

It is then when the car can drive itself.

We went down the road to the next off ramp and again the human took over the
controls and got us to the other side of the freeway and we started back.

One demonstration that he made was when the car alerted the driver that we
were getting off at the upcoming exit and an alarm sounded. The driver did
not take over and the alarm got louder, and louder, until the car made the
decision to drive directly to a safe stopping place. After that, the driver
took over the controls again and we returned safely to the museum.

As I said, these cars are years from being used for every day driving for
the blind, and others. What I am saying is that it was a good demonstration
and I thoroughly enjoyed the time. Here's to happy modering and may a car
be coming to your neighborhood soon.


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