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Are you asking how to use it?

If so, you use the feature of your browser for find any control, or find an
editbox.  in window eyes you press the letter c to find a control, or the
letter N and then E to find an edit box.

the edit box that you want is the first control on the page, so it doesn't
matter which you use.

in this edit box you type the name of the domain you want (such as google).

there are a bunch of check boxes following it which allow you to search for
variations ending with .com, .net, .us, and so on.  most of the common ones
are already checked for you, but if you want a .org or a .name domain name,
you'd have to find the right check box and check it.

then you find the button for search, and it will tell you if that domain is
available in the variations you were looking for.



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What should we blinks look for when we get on the website at:
Charles Atkins Thanks

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