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Good morning All,
I have received information from a production company regarding a documentary 
they are doing and thought some others might be interested in talking with 
them. I have pasted some information below and hopefully the attachments will 
also make it through. Their contact information is at the very bottom of this 
Thanks much and have a wonderful day!

A Jellyfish Smack Productions film by
Isaac Brown and Ana Paula Habit
Blind Color is a documentary seeking to illuminate Americaʼs racial 
conditioning through the eyes of the blind. The film uses a combination of live 
action footage and animation to explore the encounters of various subjects--who 
are blind from birth--with race, color, beauty, and the visual world in general.

Discrimination is a present but intangible issue. In an attempt to give it a 
shape, we are pursuing this project to highlight discrimination as a taught 
behavior. Since discrimination is often determined by visual cues one is taught 
to look for, we are interested in hearing the stories of how the subjects were 
first exposed to physical differentiation and
racism rather than their personal views on racism itself.

The film investigates many forms of discrimination, including those towards the 
blind community. To break stigma and preconceived notions currently existent in 
our society, the subjects we interview are productive independent individuals 
who happen to be blind but do not define themselves based on that.

In creating Blind Color we are taking an anthropological approach by 
interviewing subjects who are blind from birth on how they first learned about 
colors, beauty and race.
The film documents the extraordinary accomplishments, experiences and 
perspectives of such subjects and presents them as a hybrid of live-action 
footage and animation. The audience witnesses the subjects living a productive 
life and sharing their stories while experiencing some of these stories as 
imaginative animations. We intend to interview a diversity of subjects, and 
match them to a different animator, creating a film with distinct accounts 
visualized by multiple styles of animations.
How blind people navigate the visual world and their experiences with colors 
and race are questions often left answered for many, creating false concepts 
regarding this community.

Blind Color openly explores these topics stimulating conversations on 
discrimination and disabilities, which makes it engaging to audiences of all 
ages, races and abilities, including teachers and organizations that advocate 
for inclusion. Besides film festivals and television, we consider this film to 
be a great fit for museums and galleries since it has an
interactive element: the animators of Blind Color will make their animation 
models available as installations so the sense of touch can be used to 
experience the filmʼs animated scenes. Also, all visual materials will be made 
available in Braille, and we hope to eventually make the film available for 
free online so anyone can use it as a tool for social impact.

By choosing a community with no sight to talk about a subject based on visual 
cues, we hope to re-create the shape of racism and discrimination, resulting in 
new ways to view old issues. To achieve greater social and intellectual impact 
we will present these stories in an artistic format that has no imaginary 
boundaries (animation) with the intention of breaking
the existent notions our society has on racism and the blind community.

Ana Paula H. Habib
Jellyfish Smack Productions

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