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I have read all of the responses to your email, and most of the points of
concern have been addressed, especially in Norine's message and I have
experienced the majority of them myself. 


I do have a few additional items I would like to mention.


I do not understand why the drivers are not required to pull up as close to
the curb as possible since it is very difficult for some elderly and
physically challenged folks to make a wide step or have to step down and
then up again to reach the bottom step of the bus. There are some drivers
who have been considerate and will let me know prior to my boarding or
getting off of the bus how far they may be away from the curb. Two years ago
this coming June, I fell while getting off of the bus and broke my big toe
and at the time thought I was 100% at fault, but then as time passed and I
was transported by the same driver on several occasions, realized this
driver is never close to the curb. I now hold onto the safety bar until both
of my feet are on the ground. I always know now when boarding the bus and it
is not close to the curb, who the driver will be. I spoke to Mr. Douglas
about this specifically on several occasions.


Also, there have been countless times I have heard radio communication
between dispatch and the drivers and the driver will radio in to dispatch
inquiring about any information on the customer they are waiting on to pick
up, and dispatch tells them it was a cancellation and this is the first time
the driver has been informed of it.


There has been many an occasion when coming home on Dial A Ride, the driver
arrived at my residence and was not on the correct side of the street, the
bus was pulled in my driveway just far enough that I might be stepping onto
my driveway when I got off, or on several occasions I was at the edge of the
driveway apron and the street which is not level. Several times I have
almost stepped out into the flower bed and a sago palm which is not a
friendly tree to encounter. One driver let me out in the middle of the
street and did not tell me. This was definitely not a pleasant experience
because this was the time when I was waiting for my next guide dog. If I had
my guide dog at that time, the dog would have taken me around the front of
the bus to my driveway and I would not have been walking down the middle of
the street while the bus was in the wrong lane.


It is my understanding having spoken with several different drivers, that
when Mr. Douglas was still at Dial A Ride, he would have to redo the
manifest produced by the computer because it was not  done in a
geographically/directional layout sequence. Apparently since he has not been
there, there is no one to redo the manifest each day and this has
contributed to some of the driver's schedules being totally unmanageable.
One would have thought this problem would have been addressed a very long
time ago. It seems a new computer program or perhaps an update of the one
presently used is in order.


I used to ride the bus home after work to try and help out by their being
one less person to be scheduled, but there is a safety concern at the
transfer point because I usually missed my connection and had to wait for 40
minutes for the next bus and did not feel safe being there for an extended
period of time.


I will be more than happy to meet with you and/or Dial A Ride staff to help
advocate for not just myself, but so many of the other customers who either
have no idea of how to express their feelings to the appropriate people in
management or are afraid they will somehow receive less service if known
they have complained.


Thank you very much for your time and efforts on behalf of the Dial A Ride


Wanda L. Stokley 


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