[tabi] Community Transport Budget Woes Strand Disabled Residents

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            Found on WCTV site with video: 

            Community Transport Budget Woes Strand Disabled Residents 
            Posted: 5:50 PM May 13, 2009
            Last Updated: 6:16 PM May 13, 2009
            Reporter: Lauren Searcy
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            "I can take a walk to the store but can you see me walking down 27, 
no sidewalks, no safe area but the grass and the ditch and it's that way all 
over the county, these people would have to walk to town in their wheel chairs, 
walkers, canes, in the heat, in the rain," said Hadassah VaShem who is legally 

            One of those people who is now affected is Dorothy Martin. She used 
to run errands with the Dial-A-Ride program, but now she has her prescriptions 
mailed in, never gets to church and only visits with friends who come to see 

            " I have no lifestyle, no life at all. I have relatives on the road 
that will not take me anywhere lots of times, and I depend on the transit 
system," said Dorothy Martin, who is completely blind in both eyes. 

            But the system that helps elderly and disabled folks recently hit a 
financial setback and had to prioritize trips. 

            "Since the budget is tight right now, that's something the board 
decided to do to ensure that those who had medical trips and other types of 
much needed trips can still be done for the community," said Ronald Garrison, 
Star Metro Director. 

            Dorothy and Hadassah understand state funding isn't there. But 
they're afraid the program will be cut all together if members of the community 
don't step up to the plate. 

            "If it doesn't personally affect them, they don't care. If it's not 
their grandmother that's sick, if it's not their aunt, or uncle that's being 
directly affected they don't care," added VaShem

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