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I do to. Yes  talking thermostat should be considered. But the biggest thing
is to make sure that what they are doing is accessible to us. I think this
is the most important ting. Just some thoughts.



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This is quite wordy. I don't think there was any mention of Talking

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City of Tallahassee Receives $8.9 Million Federal Smart Grid Grant 

President Barack Obama yesterday announced the award of Smart Grid
investment grants to modernize the nation's energy grid, spur development of
renewable energy sources, stimulate the economy and create new jobs. The
City of Tallahassee Utilities was selected to receive $8.9 million to
further city efforts to use technology to help customers manage their power
use and save money. 

The federal smart grid grant will be used to build upon the major commitment
by the Tallahassee City Commission to implement a Smart Grid system. The
system includes the installation of 220,000 smart meters and the associated
communications infrastructure, software for data collection to better manage
power use by customers and the system overall, and smart grid devices for
customers including smart thermostats, in home displays and other tools that
allow customers to manage their power use. 

In 2005 the City Commission directed staff to evaluate the potential for a
smart grid system in Tallahassee. At that time, the concept was being
discussed in the industry, but across the nation little movement was taking
place. In March 2007, desiring to be on the cutting edge, the Commission
directed staff to move ahead with development of the system. By the end of
2009, the city will have installed 220,000 smart meters as the backbone of
the system. By the summer / fall of 2010, customers will be able to utilize
the system to manage their power use through such options as: 

*       Changing your home or business thermostat via the web from any
*       Choosing an electric rate that fits your lifestyle - for example,
the option of a lower rate for using power in off peak times such as
evenings or weekends. 
*       Evaluating your energy fitness, including how your home or business
energy use compares to others. 

Tallahassee will be one of the first communities in the nation to offer
Smart Grid services to its utility customers. Upon completion of the
metering and communications infrastructure this year, the City will operate
the first electric, gas and water Smart Metering network in the nation. 

"We started the investment in smart grid technology before it took off as a
smart concept nationally," said Mayor John Marks. "With the receipt of this
federal grant, we will be able to do even more to give our customers greater
control, flexibility and cost-saving options with their utilities. 

"With the support of the Tallahassee City Commission, I've had the
opportunity to meet personally with agency officials in Washington D.C., and
they understand Tallahassee's work as a leader in the Smart Grid
technology," added Marks. "That's important for our customers as the bottom
line is that they will be able to save energy, save water and save money." 

Tallahassee was one of the 100 entities selected for the grant from 400
applicants. According to Reese Goad, Utility Business and Customer Services
Director, additional benefits from the federal funding and the city's
investment in Smart Grid technology and the city's Energy smart Plus (e+)
initiative include:

*       Energy-saving pricing programs 
*       Greater customer choices 
*       Access to up-to-date customer account information 
*       In-home energy usage and information displays 
*       More efficient field operations - less staff and trucks in the field
and less interruptions for customers 
*       Automated leak detection for water meters 
*       Improved theft prevention 
*       Access to billing and usage information via the web 
*       Interactive web-based tools such as online energy audits and much
*       More efficient power outage restoration - we'll be able to identify
the locations of outages for faster repair 

For more information on energy audit appointments, energy-saving tips and
other e+ programs visit Talgov.com/YOU or call Your Own Utilities at
891-4YOU (4968).

Contact: Reese Goad, Utility Business and Customer Services Director,
891-6803 or Michelle Bono, Assistant to the City Manager, 891-8200 


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