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Well, sounds like you all are getting a break finally. This is a good thing.
The longer they put it off the better chance the blind community has in
Tallahassee, Florida. So I put my hands together for you all. Clap, Clap ,
Clap ...!

JP ( Joe Plummer)

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I viewed the workshop this afternoon on Comcast cable 13. 
Here is my take on the workshop:
Plan may not be implemented until some time in 2011. 
Some commissioners expressed the need to have all transfer points ADA
compliant before the plan starts. (My own words here) The bus will continue
to go through Governor Square Mall except at peek traffic times. (Late
Some commissioners expressed the number of emails & letters from blind
The show will be shown again tonight at 8. So tune in about 8:30. The first
part is about smart meters and the info they provide to the customer by way
of the website. 

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