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Here is the article that was in the paper to-day.  This is upsetting to me 
since approximately 75 percent of the people who attended were against the 
change as presented in Star Metro's final plan.  All I can say is the 
commissioners voted last night and I will vote at the next election I guess 
politicians don't listen.  I hope one day all of them have to use what they 
just passed.
I have never heard of such a rediceouless process of passing a plan that was in 
no way complete.  I guess I was right from the beginning when I said it was a 
done deal before the first public hearing.


Tallahassee Democrat
Published: March 25, 2010
Star Metro redesign gains city of Tallahassee approval
TaMaryn Waters
A massive revamp of Tallahassee's bus system was approved unanimously Wednesday 
the City Commission.
The often controversial "Nova 2010" plan drew nearly two dozen speakers who 
a mix of support for an upgraded system and deep-rooted concerns about safety 
the impact on those riders with physical disabilities.
The plan, orchestrated by StarMetro, was slated for launch by the end of this 
The date has been pushed back to possibly the end of 2011, said Ron Garrison, 
executive director.
StarMetro and the city's Public Works Department are hoping to get federal money
to install more audible devices at intersections, which aid those who are 
impaired. And after much criticism, the city intends to build more sidewalks 
needed, particularly in areas near the system's bus transfer points.
"If it takes a little longer to do it right, then we'll take that time," 
StarMetro's overall budget for 2010 is roughly $16 million. Garrison said the 
2010 plan will cost $36,000 less than the current cost to operate the bus 
Efforts to restructure the bus system started about 16 months ago, and StarMetro
staffers have since held nearly 100 public meetings. The original plan evolved 
nine different versions due to feedback received, according to planners.
The plan will reduce the 26 current routes to 12 "crosstown" routes, which will 
nearly 43 transfer points. The decentralized concept is designed to eliminate 
need to transfer at the C.K. Steele Plaza downtown. Planners say buses will come
to bus stops more frequently, and the plan may attract more riders.
One major change is the elimination of some routes, and buses will no longer go 
residential neighborhoods. Residents may have to walk up to half a mile to a bus
stop, compared to a quarter mile typical now.
Linda Pulliam, a Tallahassee bus rider since 1991, said the plan is going to 
some residents without transportation they depend on.
"I'm opposed to it because it's not ready yet," she said. "It's not a good plan.
It's like trying to put a square peg into something round."
Some residents, including those representing state workers and the Greater 
Chamber of Commerce, said they are looking forward to an upgrade. Others say 
was inevitable.
"As times goes on, the changing demand will change even further," said Greg 
chair of the city's Transit Advisory Committee. "We think, though, that time to 
a change is now."
Owen McCaul, a rider concerned about Nova 2010, said Tallahassee continues to be
a dangerous place for pedestrians, and he mentioned the "Dangerous by Design" 
done by the Surface Transportation Policy Partnership and Transportation for 
It gave Tallahassee a "pedestrian-danger index" of 109.4 - more than twice the 
number of 52.1.
The commissioners agreed there were still safety issues and other looming 
such as fares, that have to be addressed. But they agreed to move forward.
"Change in general for our citizens is kind of hard to do," Commissioner Mark 
said. "In concept, I think we need to do this."
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