[tabi] Child Killed After Running Into Motorist's Path

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Note in this article, the mother was crossing the street with the child and the 
vehicle was approaching the intersection and the light changed green when the 
vehicle approached the intersection.  Not only didn't the driver see the child 
but apparently didn't see the mother. Not sure what the pedestrian laws in 
Georgia are but there were no charges filed.  Amazing,  If one car hits another 
in the rear, the driver of the car that hit the vehicle in front is charged for 
not having there vehicle under control and I believe that is the case in most 
states but no charges filed in this case.

    y: Valdosta Police Department
Updated: Mon 11:01 AM, Aug 12, 2013
Press Release: Valdosta Police Department
On August 10, 2013 at approximately 9:20 PM, the Valdosta Police Department 
to the intersection of GA 125 (Bemiss Road) and Guest Road in reference to a 
accident involving a pedestrian being struck.
The initial investigation indicates that a blue, 2002 Pontiac Grand Am was 
south on GA 125 when Khamiyah Newsome ran out in front of the vehicle. Newsome 
taken to South Georgia Medical Center and then air lifted to Shands Hospital in 
On August 11, 2013, Newsome succumbed to her injuries and passed away. According
to the initial report Newsome had been crossing the road with her mother when 
broke away and ran across the southbound lanes of travel.
The driver of the Pontiac Grand Am stated that he was approaching the 
when the light turned green and as he proceeded the child suddenly appeared in 
of him, he tried to avoid her, but was unable to. The accident is still under 
and no charges have been filed.
Anyone having any further information regarding this crime or any other crime is
urged to contact the Valdosta Police Department at 229-293-3145 or can remain 
at 229-293-3091.

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