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Hi Scott,

Just an FYI, I don't think WayFinder Access is a Sendero product.  the
Sendero product for cell phones is named "mobile geo".

I'd say, because I'm signed up for the Wayfinder Access list, and look-in on
it now and again, that a lot of it's users are not happy with it.  below is
a url for a nice, easily understood, comparison of it verses "mobile geo".  


of course, it could be your phone does not support mobile geo, in that case
wayfinder access is your only choice.



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I was considering getting an external Bluetooth GPS receiver to work with my
Nokia N75 and I wanted to know if anyone on the list has experience with the
various GPS software for cellular phones. I'm particularly interested in the
Wayfinder Access software from Sendero group because my Nokia N75 is using
the Talks premium screen reading software which is also sold by Sendero
Group and I know that both software packages work together. If anyone has
experience with the wayfinder Access software could you please speak up so
that I could talk with you off-list to see if this software is really
something I want to pursue. If people have experience with other GPS
software on cellular phones please relate your opinion of how that software
works in case I decide to go a different route. Thanks! 

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