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Sounds like as good of an idea as any other to me and I don't think anyone's 
problem should be disregarded.


Also, the general public needs to have a look at all the reasons and apply them 
to a better and more all inclusive system of doing things.

Thanks for coming aboard!

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  Good Afternoon All, 

     I have been monitoring the discussions for and against NOVA 2010, first 
through Laurie, and now I have joined TABI.  I wonder if some of you would be 
willing to help me get all of the points, both pro and con, put together in one 
posting.  I will then forward that to the Transportation Advisory 
Committee(TAC), of which I am a part.  The TAC is very interested in the safety 
issues involved, and have been reviewing these even before NOVA 2010 was 
presented to us.

     We are a part of the city commission, and not a part of StarMetro.  We are 
due to make a recommendation one way or the other to the commission after the 
first of the year, and I want to make sure all of the information that can be 
is put on the table. 

  I may not be perfect, but I am trying to be neutral and represent the 
interests if the visually impaired on the TAC.  

  You should know that the new system provides Laurie and I with some VERY 
positive benefits.  That interest is only one piece that I present to the TAC. 
If you are willing, a consolidated list of your views would be very helpful to 
me.  Let me know what you think.  

  There is a little known "be attitude"  Blessed be the flexible, for they will 
bend and not breakJ.  


  Hope to hear from you all soon

  Kevin Davis


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