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I will start with this, add what I know from earlier discussions, and post
as Chip suggested.  This may take me a couple of days with my schedule.  We
are doing an Oracle upgrade at work, and sometimes I come home with eyes too
tired to do anything serious.  Bear with me.




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Here is a starting list pursuant to Kevin's request:


Nova 2010 Pros:

1. More frequent buses.

2. Lengthened hours of operation on Sundays. (This also mandates 

lengthened hours of Dial-a-Ride service on Sundays.)

3. Minimal difference between daytime and night/Sunday coverage.

4. Some people get a considerably more direct route to their primary 



Nova 2010 Cons*:

1. Increased walking distances to/from points of origin/destination and 

bus stops.

2. Many of these walking routes are along major roadways with 

inadequate, incomplete, or no sidewalks.

3. Transferring buses may require crossing one or both multi-lane 

thoroughfares at major intersection heretofore unaccustomed, due to 

their heavy traffic flow, to pedestrians.

4. Tallahassee is NOT a pedestrian-friendly city. Drivers lack 

consequences for law-breaking.

5. Some people will have to transfer more than once to reach their 

destination (or will have to transfer once, where before they had a 

direct route). Walking further and waiting on connections will offset 

the time-saving benefit of higher bus frequencies.

6. The goodwill alone of StarMetro, Public Works, TPD and/or other City 

entities in no way guarantees public safety.

Grants are wonderful... ONCE RECEIVED AND IMPLEMENTED, but provide no 

protection before then.


* It should be noted that the Cons cannot be completely assessed by 

many riders or potential riders because the route descriptions provided 

to date do not reference where bus routes cross. Therefore, riders may 

not have an understanding of how they would get from point A to point 

B, and which intersection crossings would be required.


IN SUMMARY: Many on TABI who have voiced their opinions seem to be open 

to the concept of a grid-type system. However, a nearly universal, 

overwhelming concern seems to be the desire of StarMetro to barrel 

ahead with this plan before travel routes to, from and between buses 

are as safe as possible. If there's no money for sidewalks, audible 

signals and the like, then the project should be postponed. Nova 2010 

should not be implemented until the safety improvements are complete at 

all transfer points.


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Good Afternoon All,


   I have been monitoring the

discussions for and against NOVA 2010, first through Laurie, and now I 


joined TABI.  I wonder if some of you would be willing to help me get 


of the points, both pro and con, put together in one posting.  I will 


forward that to the Transportation Advisory Committee(TAC), of which I 

am a

part.  The TAC is very interested in the safety issues involved, and 


been reviewing these even before NOVA 2010 was presented to us.


   We are a part of the city

commission, and not a part of StarMetro.  We are due to make a

recommendation one way or the other to the commission after the first 

of the

year, and I want to make sure all of the information that can be is put 

on the



I may not be perfect,

but I am trying to be neutral and represent the interests if the 


impaired on the TAC. 


You should know

that the new system provides Laurie and I with some VERY positive 


That interest is only one piece that I present to the TAC. If you are 


a consolidated list of your views would be very helpful to me.  Let me

know what you think. 


There is a little

known "be attitude"  Blessed be the flexible, for they will

bend and not breakJ. 




Hope to hear from

you all soon


Kevin Davis




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