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Don't forget to remind them that roads like Meridian--a state highway and 
Apalachee Parkway are basically not navigable because there are only 
ditches--not a safe place for a blind pedestrian  to wait for buses, but I 
don't see the city doing anything about sidewalks on Apalachee any time soon.

Also, I believe this issue would have to go to the city engineer--wherever 
there are audible signals, the "walk cycle" needs to be lengthened--at least at 
intersections like Mahan Drive and Capital Circle).


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  Yes, Kevin, I too would appreciate it if you would provide a summary at the 
public meetings, of the issues raised here.

  thank you.



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    This is the first I've heard from anyone concerning my post.  What I am 
offering to do, as a member of the City Commissions Transportation Advisory 
Committee, is to present a consolidated statement from this group to that 
board.  This will be added to the results of the working group planned for 
January, that will also include discussions on all of the topics listed.  I 
will not present this unless I have a green light from the members of this 
group.  I am not stating my views, but those of the TABI/Blind community.


              Y'all let me know what you want to do.  I would recommend doing 
it soon so the statement can be read and added to other materials for the TAC 
to review.




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    Dear Kevin,


    That would probably be a good idea, but some may think something like you 
are stating, might be slanted.  I actually believe Star Metro understands the 
problems very well; it is the other city departments who need to get on the 
same page to get the APS's, sidewalks, better lighting, etc., and we should 
probably make our views known by addressing the city commissioners, Mayor 
Marks, city manager, etc.





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      Good Afternoon All, 

         I have been monitoring the discussions for and against NOVA 2010, 
first through Laurie, and now I have joined TABI.  I wonder if some of you 
would be willing to help me get all of the points, both pro and con, put 
together in one posting.  I will then forward that to the Transportation 
Advisory Committee(TAC), of which I am a part.  The TAC is very interested in 
the safety issues involved, and have been reviewing these even before NOVA 2010 
was presented to us.

         We are a part of the city commission, and not a part of StarMetro.  We 
are due to make a recommendation one way or the other to the commission after 
the first of the year, and I want to make sure all of the information that can 
be is put on the table. 

      I may not be perfect, but I am trying to be neutral and represent the 
interests if the visually impaired on the TAC.  

      You should know that the new system provides Laurie and I with some VERY 
positive benefits.  That interest is only one piece that I present to the TAC. 
If you are willing, a consolidated list of your views would be very helpful to 
me.  Let me know what you think.  

      There is a little known "be attitude"  Blessed be the flexible, for they 
will bend and not breakJ.  


      Hope to hear from you all soon

      Kevin Davis


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