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If the topics under discussion were posted, then I'm sure a lot more people 
would have shown up or spoken up.  Don't assume that just because you're in the 
know, or you're lucky enough to be able to get there, that everyone else is.

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There are always lessons to be learned and the lesson to be learned 
 from this whole affair is... Show up. Speak up.  If you don't, then 
don't complain about what happens when others do show up and speak up 
and they don't do what you would have preferred.

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Erica, You may make any demands you like; but this is just your 
opinion.  Anyone else is free to put forth their opinions as well, so I 
wish all others to know this is not the moderator requesting that you 
keep silent.   Furthermore, other people’s opinions aren’t “excuses”, 
nor are they “whining or crying”.  This is sailing very close to a 
personal attack when you begin to describe others in such terms. You 
and/or I am free to offer our opinions at any time, which includes 
thank you’s after the fact and opinions as to where things could have 
been done better. If you’ll check my original post you’ll see my first 
line says it’s good to have braille signage.  I also congratulated John 
Plescow on all that he did in getting us the signage. Twice after that 
I said that it’s was only my opinion that the braille  was awkward to 
read. One reason I said that is to encourage more public discussion of 
decisions in the future.  I am by no means encouraging everyone to 
“keep silent if you don’t like it”, that’s entirely opposite to the 
philosophy of TABI, which has always encouraged communication. It’s 
good you are so happy with everything, but there are always lessons to 
be learned when things don’t go perfectly, but only if you admit to 
them and freely discuss them.  Silencing everyone who has anything to 
offer afterwards smacks of how they do things in other countries, but 
not here. Chip  From: tabi-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
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Subject: [tabi] Braille signage-- demand and offer I am going to make 
an offer and a demand for the folks subscribed to TABI.

There has been some hugh and cry regarding a perceived lack of 
information about the process used to determine how/if Braille signage 
should be included in Starmetro's attempts to improve our bus service.
Many venues for information are open to the general public, including-- 
perhaps most obviously-- the City's Press Releases, which can be 
accessed through Talgov.com. Lynn Evans has done a wonderful job of 
faithfully and timely posting these to TABI... so there should be no 
excuses here about not having access to that information in the past. 
(Lynn, I am in no way obligating you to continue this service... but I 
certainly want to publicly thank you for all you have done!)
IF, however, you still are uninformed, AND WISH TO BE, please email me 
off-line and I will provide you with a list of information sources.
If you choose not to get involved--
do not make an effort to inform yourself,
cannot find it in your schedule to make your voice heard in a 
productive manner--
please remain silent about such issues.

Starmetro has done a wonderful job in their efforts to get Braille 
signage to little ol' Tallahassee!
There have been a few snags, yes, but every pioneer has faced such 
Startmetro DOES NOT NEED TO HEAR whining and crying at this point about 
opportunities individuals missed to have their input heard, or about a 
"better way" to do something they have already completed. That is no 
way to show our gratitude for their efforts, not to mention the efforts 
of the citizens who were involved. Starmetro NEEDS to hear "Thank you!"
IT IS DONE. IT HAS BEEN DONE AS WELL AS WE-- Starmetro staff and 
And, NO, in case you are wondering, it was not just 3 or 4 local folks 
stabbing in the dark; Department of Transportation and other national 
standards were consulted. (Thank you to Lynda Jones!)
If you don't use the bus, then you will never have to worry about your 
hand getting a cramp from reading sideways.
However, for those of us who do ride, this will be a HUGE help! I'm 
sure we are smart enough to read Braille "sideways", just as sightlings 
adapt to signs written vertically.
Let's move forward with positive comments only.
just like Thumper's father told him, "If you can't say anything nice, 
don't say nothin' at all."

Check out the TABI resource web page at http://acorange.home.comcast.net/TABI
and please make suggestions for new material.

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