[tabi] Re: Beware, You may not have total control of your email.

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Dear Chip,

I guess you have, for the most part, answered my question.  I didn't realize 
there is a Light Version of their web mail; if I can't switch it myself, maybe 
I can get a tech to help, but due to "privacy," it seems they want to do less 
and less, even when you give them permission and explain that you are blind and 
that their web pages aren't exactly a picnic in the park to navigate.


P.S.  What,in Outlook Express, makes it "remove unsafe attachments."  How does 
it know if it is unsafe or not.  Wayne sent me a link to a web page, and 
Outlook Express summarily deleted it without asking me.


Darla J. Rogers, B.A. M.S.

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  this is a god point.  I often get emails or calls from folks who are missing 
TABI messages, or having trouble subscribing or unsubscribing (because both of 
those functions require a validating second email be sent to you).  It turns 
out the spam filter from their ISP has grabbed and held the TABI message in the 
spam folder.

  even more irritating, the mobile interfaces we as screen reader users often 
resort to in order to access our web-based email, don't interact with the spam 
folders and/or the settings which control spam filtering.  this is because the 
ISPs are deliberating trying to keep these web pages down to the bare minimum 
for cell phone users.

  I have comcast at home, and I want to have them do my spam filtering, as I 
find they are *much* better at it than my junk mail feature of outlook 2003.  
this means however I have to learn how to manipulate the web mail program used 
by comcast.  One important tip for comcast user: comcast has a "lite" version 
of their webmail program (they call it SmartZone).  if you can ask support, or 
figure out how to do it yourself, you can switch your account to the "lite" 
version of SmartZone; then you get an easy-to-use webmail interface, which is 
fully functional for all the features and settings.  it then becomes easy to 
click on the link for the spam folder, and look at the email messages it's 
holding; there's a checkbox by each one (before each message), and you can 
check each one which is not spam, and then click on a button at the button 
which is labeled to indicate that the marked messages are not spam.  they get 
moved into your inbox, and the spam filter becomes aware both that those email 
addresses are trusted, and it analyzes the content of those messages so that it 
won't make that mistake again.

  Of course, if you get very little spam, then you can just turn off the spam 
filtering as Liz says, and delete it as it comes in.  it's often not a big 
deal, and easier than logging onto the web mail interface; it all depends on 
how much spam you get, and how comfortible you are with complex web pages.



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    I was speaking with someone earlier today, and was reminded about how some 
email providers deal with or set up spam filtering.  Earthlink, for example, 
turns on spam filtering on the server side, meaning that some of your mail 
might be held if it is suspected to be spam by some strange formula which I 
can't begin to understand.  Some ISP's or email providers may have spam 
filtering set up for you and you may not know it.  For those using screen 
reading programs, or other means to check email, it is easier to maintain the 
"junk" senders list using your computer, rather than the web interface through 
your email provider.  When in doubt, check it out!!! It's probably best to 
check your own web mail settings yourself, rather than ask the provider's tech 

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