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How about getting a good lawyer and taking the owner of the property to court. 
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  Hi Scott,

  Here's a sightling's viewpoint.  Long ago I refused to have a coffee table or 
a rectangular dining table.  I was constantly hitting my shins on the coffee 
table and my hip on the dining table.  It warn't fun!  And I see!  But nowadays 
I'm moving a bit slower because of balance and physical problems.  I liked the 
suggestions I read from the various TABI members, all good ones.  I'd go a 
little bit slower if I were you and get that sweet and sighted wife of yours to 
help as Blackjack suggested.  And as he says, these are just my thoughts.

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    I just had a close encounter with a sharp corner within my house which 
resulted in a laceration, Band-Aid, and icepack. I have to admit to being lazy 
and not trailing along another wall for guidance but I just didn't feel like 
walking around so restricted. 
        I'd like to know what recommendations anyone has to help avoid these 
dangerous obstacles in my home. I was thinking of some way to mark the floor 
around sharp corners to properly indicate I'm within a dangerous spot but I 
couldn't think of anything which would work. Alternately, I'd like to know if 
anyone has recommendations on how I can find some attractive barrier, like some 
cushioning, to put on those corners which would make them not so sharp and 
dangerous if I do encounter them unexpectedly. 
    I appreciate all recommendations as I'm really tired of worrying about 
scarring my face on unexpected household accidents. Thanks! 

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