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  • Date: Wed, 16 Sep 2009 16:07:33 -0400

you can contact speek to me,they have a motion detecter for$19.
you can record a personal message and when you pass by it will say what you 
record, example, warning, look out corner ahead, it hangs or you can instal it 
on the corner
speektome.com or call 1-800-248-9965 
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  You are probably a quick mover and,


  being blind, as well,

  does require some preplanning if you are to maintain that youthful and 
vigorous vitality if spirit you possess!

  I came to that place on the road of life and decided the only way to nip it 
completely in the bud,

  is to simply, slow down in vital environments like the home where things can 
sometime be fragile to encounter physically.

  I'm sure some of us will have some mapping strategies that work just as well, 

  speaking from experience,

  I never run in to anything anymore around the house.

  Your Friend

  Charles Atkins

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    I just had a close encounter with a sharp corner within my house which 
resulted in a laceration, Band-Aid, and icepack. I have to admit to being lazy 
and not trailing along another wall for guidance but I just didn't feel like 
walking around so restricted. 
        I'd like to know what recommendations anyone has to help avoid these 
dangerous obstacles in my home. I was thinking of some way to mark the floor 
around sharp corners to properly indicate I'm within a dangerous spot but I 
couldn't think of anything which would work. Alternately, I'd like to know if 
anyone has recommendations on how I can find some attractive barrier, like some 
cushioning, to put on those corners which would make them not so sharp and 
dangerous if I do encounter them unexpectedly. 
    I appreciate all recommendations as I'm really tired of worrying about 
scarring my face on unexpected household accidents. Thanks! 

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