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Hi Scott,
yes indeed, most of us know what you mean!! :(
well, you could try masking tape on the floor.  it's fairly rough (and
so easily felt), comes in all types of widths, and is easily removed if
you don't like it.  my guess though would be that it would be easy to
step over it by accident; so, you'd have to plaster the floor with
masking tape all around a corner to be sure you don't miss it.
practice does help; you'll be surprised how good you can get at walking
in "free space" without guides of any kind.
and finally, they do make a somewhat rounded clear plastic corner
overlay.  you can buy it in home repair "do it yourself" type stores.
it's for protecting corners in areas where they may get bumped (like
here at work we have them because we have so much material moving
through the halls on carts which run into the corners), and they also
serve to hold down and protect wall-paper, which sometimes ends on one
wall, but doesn't turn the corner, so it would tend to peal away from a
corner without one of these clear corner protectors.
If it's your face which is taking the knocks, then maybe a foot long
strip of corner protect at head height would do.


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        I just had a close encounter with a sharp corner within my house
which resulted in a laceration, Band-Aid, and icepack. I have to admit
to being lazy and not trailing along another wall for guidance but I
just didn't feel like walking around so restricted. 
            I'd like to know what recommendations anyone has to help
avoid these dangerous obstacles in my home. I was thinking of some way
to mark the floor around sharp corners to properly indicate I'm within a
dangerous spot but I couldn't think of anything which would work.
Alternately, I'd like to know if anyone has recommendations on how I can
find some attractive barrier, like some cushioning, to put on those
corners which would make them not so sharp and dangerous if I do
encounter them unexpectedly. 
        I appreciate all recommendations as I'm really tired of worrying
about scarring my face on unexpected household accidents. Thanks! 

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