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Yes, the intersection of West Tennessee and East Tennessee and North Monroe
and South Monroe. Also the Corner of Apalachee and South Monroe. Also the
Corner of South Monroe and Madison. Also the intersection of Pensacola and
Duval. Might be others but this is a start.


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Thomasville road and village square.

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        I have spent a lot of time on the phone with NOVA 10-20 people and
the traffic engineering people.   I am working hard for us all to get
together and work side by side for a solution where ever needed.   My
efforts have come down to this.
        Who needs a audible signal where?   No we can't promise anything,
but we need to prioritize.   If you have a busy intersection that you would
like, to cross would you call or e-mail me.       I have been told that even
if they can't meet every demand, they do have a working budget and would
like to work with us.   So, once again, if you have a need, contact me and I
will see what I can do for you.

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