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Hello Everyone,
I received this information from a friend and fellow Lighthouse Board member and thought it might be helpful for some.
Take care, Sila

I thought you might be interested in hearing about a service that is now available that might be beneficial to you and others with guide dogs or other pets that need veterinary care. One of my patients, Elizabeth Blount, is a veterinarian who does house calls - yes, some doctors still do house calls (just not me)!! I thought it might be very beneficial for those who'd rather not spend the time/energy/frustration/etc. traveling for vet care. Come to think of it, it may actually be of even more benefit for those who don't have guide dogs but just regular pets - not sure how visually impaired people get their animals to the vets since they are not usually allowed on public transportation unless they are official guide dogs - I know it's a huge hassle for me and I can only imagine the added hassle of visual impairment and transportation challenges!

At Home Veterinary Care
Elizabeth Blount, DVM

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