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On 8/13/10, Darla J. Rogers <djrogers0628@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Our own Lyn Evans was on television discussing the Star Metro changes.  Good
> job, Lyn.
> Darla & Precious Roxy

Here is the article:

Riders view StarMetro route alterations
By Elizabeth M. Mack • DEMOCRAT STAFF WRITER • Published: August 13.
2010 2:00AM

Mike Ahmad takes bus route 17 or 19 every day from Fred George Road
and Monroe Street to the C.K. Steele Plaza downtown, then on to the
Tallahassee Mall.

Thursday, he discovered that he may no longer have to make the
hour-long trip and the stop downtown to commute to the mall.

"It's a complete waste of time to have to come downtown," he said.
"With the route changes, it would only take me about 10 minutes to get
to the mall."

StarMetro representatives set up slides of the proposed bus routes and
new stops for Nova2010, a route decentralization project slated to
start next summer.

"This is a kickoff to a public comment period, where we are
encouraging people to call us or e-mail us about the changes that are
going to be made," said Brian Waterman, StarMetro transit planning

Waterman said the decentralization project will cut out 286 of the
1,052 bus stops that StarMetro now has. Of the 766 stops remaining,
478 are existing stops and 288 will be new ones. The changes will also
make for less hassle for commuters to transfer buses.

"We're going to create direct travel to their destination," Waterman
said. "In some cases there will be buses coming every 10 minutes. Gone
are the days of the hour-long transit."

Commuter John Plescow said he believes there are more weakness than
strengths with the proposed changes.

"We're giving up an easy-to-navigate system for a more complicated
system," he said. "And I don't see where we are getting more coverage.
There haven't been any dramatic increases."

Heather Teter, StarMetro marketing specialist, said learning sessions
at local community centers, libraries and C.K. Steele Plaza are
scheduled for the upcoming months to teach people the new routes and
how the transfer system can benefit them.

However, even with explanation of the new routes Thursday, some riders
remained skeptical.

"It seems simple, but we'll see how it works out when they actually
start doing it," said Patricia Thomas.
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