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Thanks Sila!

I wonder why they don't know about the LG Rumor; I thought it had been
out and speaking for almost a year (if I recall).



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>> Verizon Customers, Welcome to Heaven!
>> by Walter Gramza
>> It's finally here! An affordable, fully accessible phone from Verizon
>> Wireless.  As of July 29th, 2010, Verizon Wireless has available in
>> stores a phone for blind and visually impaired persons which is fully
>> audible via Nuance speech.
>> There is no extra charge for the speech package, as it is already
>> installed
>> in the phone and ready for use out of the box. It is important to
>> here
>> that when you go to the store, please make sure that you tell the
>> assisting you to be sure to turn on the voices called read outs,
>> under settings, then sounds, and down to voices. The six items to be
>> turned
>> on are:
>>  1.. Menu read out
>>  2.. digit read out
>>  3.. alert read out
>>  4.. flip open and talk
>>  5.. text message read out
>>  6.. full read out
>> In order for the phone to be audible these features need to be turned
>> Placing a Call
>> You can enter the contact list by pushing the right soft key in the
>> right hand corner of the phone and then arrow through the contacts or
>> pressing the letter of the contact you wish to call.  For example,
"v" for
>> Verizon Wireless. Then you can hit ok to view the contact information
>> hit send to place a call.
>> You can enter into your call list of choice which are: 1. missed
calls, 2.
>> dialed calls, 3. answered calls, 4. all calls.  After entering any
one of
>> the lists, you can edit the list and if desired, delete the specific
>> and number within the list.
>> You can find out how much battery strength you have, signal strength,
>> how many messages, voice mails, missed calls, you have. You can use
>> alarm clock, set a time audibly, use the calculator, tip calculator,
>> send and read texts.
>> In short, you are prompted through every one of the functions you are
>> performing. You can even ask it to call someone provided that they
are in
>> the contact list.
>> A Braille manual is available through Samsung. Remember, when you go
>> Verizon Wireless you'll need to get the hex number, which they can
>> you.
>> You then call Samsung at 888-987-4357 and provide them with this
>> along with your address and it will take about one month to receive
>> manual.
>> You can also purchase an extended battery which lasts one and one
>> times
>> longer than the standard battery.  This is best as any phone with
>> uses more battery power and shortens the life of the battery.  By
>> the
>> extended battery it should bring you through the day safely. I always
>> it a habit to charge the phone each night so that I begin a new day,
>> phone also begins a new day as well. When you put the phone into the
>> charger it says "charging." When the phone is charged it says "charge
>> complete."
>> If you are a Verizon Wireless customer and are eligible for an
>> you
>> can get the phone for free. If you want to start a new contract with
>> Verizon
>> Wireless, you get the phone for $40.00 complete with speech software
>> included.
>> If anyone would like assistance in learning the functions of the
>> they
>> may contact me via email at:
>> wgramza1@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>> I hope that you will go and get this phone seeing that this is the
>> other phone outside of the 3gs iPhone by apple that is accessible
>> step
>> by step prompts throughout the entire phone.
>> Let's show Verizon how grateful we are for a well planned phone by
>> advantage of such a great item.
>> Article Source:
>> Matilda Ziegler Magazine for the Blind
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