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I am going also.  Lynn, the thing you need to remember is to take the medicine 
about 30 minutes before you get on the boat or it isn't going to help you.  I 
am one of the lucky ones and have never gotten sea sick and I have been out a 
lot in fact I just went deep see fishing while I was in Daytona and caught 2 
keepers one was a five pound trigger fish.  I caught a lot of fish but with the 
size limits most of them had to be thrown back including 2 red snapper and a 
grouper.  I would like to take some of our legislators fishing and throw them 


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  I would wear shorts and if you're prone to motion sickness you might want to 
bring that too.  I didn't need it every time, but when I did I was glad to have 
it.  Dramamine has a really good chewable tablet for that.  It acts fast so I 
could take it when I needed it and not every time.

  I hope you have fun.  We enjoyed it a lot when we went.


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    I will be going fishing with the FDOA this coming Saturday. Ok I’ve been 
fishing before but never like this. 


    I would like to hear from folks who have been with this group before and 
gone fishing. What I would like to know is : 


    Should I take motion sickness medicine?



    What type of clothes should I wear long pants or shorts?



    We will use some typed of sunscreen.





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