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Hi Lynn,

an fyi for motion sickness: ginger has been shown to be more effective
at controlling nausea, including that of motion sickness, than the
leading anti-motion-sickness over-the-counter medicine.

One of the meds I take has nausea as a side effect, so I've consumed a
lot of ginger over the past few years.  the best form, if you can get
there to get it, is when it's been made into a chewable toffee-like
candy, sold at Honey-Tree and other natural foods places.  I think the
brand name is  "The Ginger People".

Besides it being better, it has no sleepy side effects like the
medicines can have.

If you're going in a boat, I'd have something along unless you know that
you aren't subject to motion sickness.  Even if it's just ginger soda
(not ordinary ginger-ail, but the kind you can buy at New Leaf or
specialty foods which is made with lots of ginger).

I'd wear shorts if I were you, old shoes you don't mind getting really
dirty, and I'd apply sunscreen every hour (I know that sounds like a
lot, but some governmental agency just came out with a report that says
the claims for water-proof sunscreens just aren't true).




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> I will be going fishing with the FDOA this coming Saturday. 
> Ok I've been fishing before but never like this. 
> I would like to hear from folks who have been with this group 
> before and gone fishing. What I would like to know is : 
> Should I take motion sickness medicine?
> What type of clothes should I wear long pants or shorts?
> We will use some typed of sunscreen.
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