[tabi] Re: Andrea Rosser, StarMetro's "Mobility Coordinator"

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Yes I am riding the bus with Andria on Tuesday so she can show me some of my 
routes around town. 
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  This may be obvious enough so as to not need clarification:
  Ms. Rosser's title defines "mobility" as "moving", not in "Orientation and 
Mobility" context. Her degrees are in Geography and Planning, not O&M. However, 
she is a wonderful person who is very committed to and enthused about this new 
task.With that in mind, I think it is laudable that Starmetro is offering this 
one-on-one assistance, and hope to see lots of response... read "use"!

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    Subject: [tabi] Star Metro Ride Guide
    Below is a message from Heather Teter at Star Metro about the new Ride 

    I’m taking requests for Braille and large print Ride Guides. If you know 
some people in your office or with TCB who would like one of these Ride Guides, 
please let me know. They can contact me directly via email or at 850.891.5206. 
You may want to add a thread to the tabi list with this information. 
    I also added a text file of the Braille Ride Guide to our webpage 
    . Your screen reader should be able to pick it up. 
    If you know of anyone who needs special attention with learning the new 
service, please let me know. We just hired Andrea Rosser as our Mobility 
Coordinator and she will actually travel to people’s house and physically ride 
along with them in order for them to learn the new routes. If you know anyone 
who would like for this one-on-one attention, have them call Andrea Rosser at 
850.891.4066. Her office is in the senior center. 
    VR, Heather Teter
    Marketing, StarMetro 
    P 850.891.5206

    Sally Benjamin

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