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Thought someone might be interested-

North Florida Digital Group Presents
D-Star Introduction and Training Academy
February 6th 2010
08:30AM until 5:00PM EST
Tallahassee Florida

The training academy is designed to inform amateurs on everything they
would need to know about D-Star from the concept of this form of
communications to operating equipment proficiently.

From the amateur who doesn’t know what D-Star is to one who wants to
become proficient in its operation and the amateur who wants to
understand the system first before jumping into this part of the
hobby; this is the Academy to attend. With hamfest season starting up
soon, this is a great chance to get informed about D-Star.

Ray Novak, N9JA, Division Manager – Icom Amateur and Receiver
Products, the featured speaker along with other notable speakers will
be headlining the list of instructors for the Academy. This is an
information and training academy only. There will be no equipment
sales available. The goal of these speakers is to inform and teach
this part of the hobby to everyone interested in understanding and
using D-Star. Attendees will be provided training sessions along with
hands on instruction on how to use and operate the D-Star radio of
their choice.

Areas of instruction will include:
Describing the actual mode of operation, what it is, how it works,
advantages & disadvantages
Learning how to program any D-Star radio using a computer program
Learning how to field program while on the go
Understanding how to use callsign routing and its programming
Understanding how to set up and do repeater linking
Learning about using reflectors, and their usage protocols
In-depth instruction on low speed data usage using the UHF & VHF radios
In-depth instruction using 1296Mc high speed data and internet access
Learning about the D-Rats data program and how to use it
Learning to use the DVDongle on a computer to get on the D-Star gateway
Introducing the new DVDongle with its own transceiver to provide short
range handheld
coverage around your shack, up to about ½ mile
Setting up and configuring a D-Star repeater system for internet operation

This announcement is being sent out to help amateurs preplan their
attendance to the academy. In the very near future, all the details
will be posted. There will be a social get together on Friday evening.
Local hotels, restaurants, driving instructions to the location of the
academy, how to register before hand, cost, syllabus and full list of
instructors will be included.

Contact Donna, WQ4M@xxxxxxxx for any updates, questions or additional
information you may need. The NFDG is pleased to present this academy
and we look forward to seeing you there.

Lighthouse of the Big Bend
Guiding People Through Vision Loss
1286 Cedar Center Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 942-3658
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