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t: Accessible World & Books And Beyond present Frank WeltWednesday, March 9, 2011

Accessible World And Books And Beyond present Frank Welt Wednesday, March 9,


On our next Books And Beyond, we will spend an hour with a very important
man, Frank Welte. Why is he important to all of us? Although you may not
hear his name often, he works for many of the things that have improved our lives as blind individuals. Change is often met with resistance. It takes an eloquent deeply caring person like Frank to gather facts that will convince legislatures to listen and eventually implement all the progress we benefit
How have the advances we enjoy as blind persons occurred? They start with a
need  and happen through hard work, dedication and the diligent efforts of
individuals and organizations whose hope and purpose it is to bring about
positive solutions to important aspects in our lives. Living from day to day, we hear little of the process which results in the advances we enjoy
or much about the people involved.   Advocates see a need and do all they
can to address it. What are the elements of successful advocacy? With so
many issues from which to choose, how is one finally decided upon? How do
experts play a part?  Must certain improvements be sacrificed for others
that serve more people? Who makes decisions like this? How can we let those in positions of power or influence know what we need? What is the best way
to approach and convince others of our  position? If we  want to get
involved,     how is that accomplished?  What do advocacy organizations or
legislative bodies need to know in order to utilize our skills and talents?

Frank Welte is the Director of Advocacy and Governmental Affairs for the
California Council of the Blind.  He has held this position since 2009.
Since 1994 Frank has served the American Council of the Blind as a committee
member and elected officer at the local and state levels, and he has been
involved in the blind community at the national level, primarily as an
officer in Blind Information Technology Specialists, a special interest
affiliate of the American Council of the Blind.

Frank represents the California Council of the Blind before the California
State Legislature and before other government agencies.  He has also
advocated for blindness issues to members of Congress in Washington, DC on
several occasions since 2002.

Frank was recently appointed to a position on the California State Guide Dog
Board by outgoing Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Prior to becoming employed by CCB, Frank had worked as a computer programmer
and as a web site accessibility tester.  More recently, he has held
positions with nonprofit blindness agencies in Northern California.

Frank lives in San Leandro, California with his wife, Vita and their dog
guides, Jeep and Violet.  He enjoys reading, bowling, dancing and cross
country skiing.

Bonnie Blose, Host,

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