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back when I was involved with a local installer of home automation
systems (which have all these capabilities discussed), I was doing the
programming for their clients.  This was one of my suggested uses for
the system, and I thought they could demo it as an elderly or
chronically ill persons backup help.  It also had the ability to make an
outgoing call to any of four numbers in sequence until someone answered.
One of the ideas I had to show the installer how it could be used was I
programmed it to get Allison up at her regular time for work each
weekday morning.  it would turn on soft music and gradually brighten the
lights over 5 minutes going from off to a comfortable level to simulate
a sunrise.  However, I also put a motion detector just outside the
bedroom door, and if it wasn't tripped within 10 minutes of the wake up
alarm program, then it started giving loud verbal reminders that it was
time to get up, and she was running late, and so on.   (I was in the
shower this whole time).
Let's just say this wasn't the most popular use I ever put a home
automation system to, and I didn't have any help when it came time to
sell the idea to the installer!  (the verbal prompts were soon removed
from my wake-up program).


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        A sampling of elder care aids for the wireless age The
Associated Press Wireless technology is giving adult children new
options for monitoring elderly parents who want to stay in their own
homes. - Grandcare, of West Bend, Wis., sells a home monitoring system
that costs $2,000 to buy or $99 per month to lease, plus a $79 monthly
service fee.

        Fees vary depending on the number of sensors and features
requested. Sensors placed around the home track daily movements,
including when doors are opened, and send the information to a secure
website. Seniors can also attach medical devices like a blood pressure
cuff to the Grandcare terminal and record their readings. The system can
also be used to remotely control the lights and thermostat. - BeClose of
Vienna, Va., offers a system of motion sensors for $299, plus a $79
monthly service fee. A $399 package has additional features, including a
bed sensor placed underneath the mattress, which indicates when the bed
is occupied. The system can be programmed to send alerts in various
instances, such as if the person doesn't get out of bed. - The Maya
system from MedMinder in Newton, Mass., is a wireless-enabled pillbox
that stores all of a patient's medications for the week on a large tray.
When it's time to take the medication, the appropriate compartment
lights up and beeps. If the pills are not taken within an hour, the
company's automated system calls the patient. If there is no answer, the
company calls the patient's loved one. The patient's caregiver programs
the medication schedule using a company website. The device is available
at BestBuy for $179 or through the company's website. The monthly
service fee is $29.95 . ? 2011 Kansas City Star and wire service
sources. All Rights Reserved. http://www.kansascity.com . 
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