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I've already check, and the trees are on their property. According to my
home owners insurance it is their responsibility. My home owners insurance
also informed me that if those branches ruin my roof the neighbor would be
liable. About three years back because the home next door was abandon, I
paid to have the branches cut.

The next door neighbors just bought the house.

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One last idea . I am not sure the law requires them to pay for those limbs
to be removed, but you could check with a tree service (I believe they would
know), because if you're willing to pay, I believe the law allows you to
have the limbs removed which are on your property.

Before when we've been in situations like this, we agreed to split the cost
of removal/trimming with the neighbor involved (when the tree is on one
property, and the problem limb is on the other).

Armstrong tree service (893-3318) was recently in the paper for volunteering
to go out and clear a fallen tree which was blocking in a senior citizen who
couldn't afford to have it removed herself, and so if you don't have anyone
else in mind, they sounded like a nice company.



Chip Orange

Florida Public Service Commission

Computer Systems Analyst


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Subject: [tabi] a challenging Project

Hello Everyone! Does anyone on the list speak, or write
Chinese? My neighbors next door are Chinese, and the branches from one of
their trees is hanging on my roof. I've tried talking with them regarding
this matter, but they just speak to me in their language. I want to write a
nice letter requesting that the branches be cut back. If anyone can help
please do.

Thanks in advance.

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