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Thanks Chip!

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How about asking the city (or the county) to assist you with this issue? I
have a feeling they must have a way of dealing with citizens who only speak
various Chinese dialects.

Also, FSU may have an organization such as the "Chinese Students Union" or
the "Asian Students Union", and you may be able to get a volunteer from
there to help you out.

Good luck,


Chip Orange

Florida Public Service Commission

Computer Systems Analyst


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Subject: [tabi] A challenging Project

Hello Everyone! Does anyone on the list speak, or write
Chinese? My neighbors next door are Chinese, and the branches from one of
their trees is hanging on my roof. I've tried talking with them regarding
this matter, but they just speak to me in their language. I want to write a
nice letter requesting that the branches be cut back. If anyone can help
please do.

Thanks in advance.

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