[tabi] A Reminder about the Tandem Ride

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  • Date: Wed, 28 Oct 2009 12:43:49 -0400

Hi Everyone,

I spoke with Mycell last night, and she asked if I would post some reminders regarding the Tandem Ride Saturday.

First, you need to be at the upper level parking of Sears (at the Governor Square Mall) at 7:30 sharp. Breakfast will be provided including bagels and cream cheese and breakfast bars and coffee.

Next, if you don't actually have bike shorts wear something close-fitting and breatable. You need to wear thick athletic shoes--no open-toed shoes or sandals. Remember also to bring sunscreen and insect repellent; even when the sun isn't out, you are still being exposed to harmful rays that can burn as badly as if you laid out in the full sun.

A light jacket might be a good idea, especially if you chill easily.

For your trip home, Mycell says we should be back by 1:30 pm, but you might want to make arrangements to be picked up closer to 2:00 pm, as a generous person is making lunch for us, though my feeble brain can't remember--oh yes I do--spaghetti--so you will not be dropped off in the parking lot hungry. <smile>

For questions, please reach Mycell at her cell number:


I'm embarrassed; I can't recall it, and I didn't have my BrailleNote at hand. If someone has it and would send it to me privately,I'll share it with the list.

Please don't forget to leave your telephone number when calling Mycell, as she may not be in a place, at the receipt of your call, to access her telephone list.

I am getting really excited!!!!! It looks as if it will be a great day to ride.



Darla J. Rogers, B.A., M.S.

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