[tabi] 5/21/15 - Transportation Advisory Committee visit/update

  • From: "Sila Miller" <Silamiller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <tabi@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 22 May 2015 19:21:59 -0400

Hello Interested Parties,

I wanted to provide you with a summary of the TAC meeting I attended yesterday.
Much of the meeting pertained to re-routing "underperforming" routes,
specifically Big Bend, Gulf, and San Luis. The proposed changes would take
effect in August.

Some discussion took place regarding the fixed route drivers clearly and
consistently announcing bus stops. Quintis Douglas was there and said he'd
ridden 10 buses that morning to "spot check" bus stop announcements. He said it
was hit or miss. The Chairman of TAC will do some research regarding the
specific statute/code that speaks to bus stop announcement. Starmetro is
seeking grants for automated stop announcement. Presently no money for it.

$19 per month fixed-route bus pass for people with disabilities is in the
works. No availability date provided.

Requested specific changes to Route "E". Too late in process to implement by
August. Will take into consideration. Requester should periodically follow up
with Brian Waterman Brian.Waterman@xxxxxxxxxx and Charles Main

Under the topic of Dial-A-Ride (DAR), several issues were brought to the table.
Unfortunately, pre-prepared DAR related info from me was not included in the
TAC members' packets. I commit to making hard copies available at the next

· Having tokens available on vans - No consensus but members believe they
should be made available at the CK Steele Plaza. Many believe this will create
too much work for drivers.

· Automated text or phone call alert system with a 5 minute warning of
Dial-A-Ride arrival. Andy says IVR is in place and working. Both John Plesco
and I reported that we'd never received any sort of alert. Andy says they have
a meeting 5/22 to further discuss. I will follow up with her. (Note inquiry
just sent via TABI. Please respond to me asap as to if you've ever received an
alert of immanent arrival?)

· Requested that the after-hours greeting be changed to instruct callers
how to reach answering service. - No commitment. Reservationist to be
consolidated with Utility call center in July. Previous requests submitted.
Will continue to follow up.

· Requested that a clearly defined set of rules and effective complaint
process be developed with input from concerned patrons and DAR staff so that
repeated issues can be identified and addressed. - No commitment. Volunteered
my help in this endeavor.

· Requested accessible application materials for 3-year recertification.
Andy says they currently have this in a word doc format and can provide to

· DAR related items discussion will be a standing item on future TAC


· University of FL is conducting an ADA analysis of DAR to be completed
by August

· Need people to show up at City Commission meeting to help support
StarMetro's funding request for a full-time scheduler position and 4 full-time
drivers. Andy will let me know when and committed to ensuring folks have
transport home.

· The next TAC meeting will be in July on a Thursday.


Will the Telephone Recording software transfer to the consolidated call center
in July?

Per James Barnes with City of Tallahassee from Utility Manager's office, Yes.
They are updating to add the most modern platform of the Call Recording
software. They will also be able to see/hear real-time (incoming calls). The
software will also interact with social media. Hours will be extended (5 a.m. -
10 p.m.).

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