[tabi] Re: 4 most dangerous cities for pedestrians are all in Florida

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Thanks for the info Chip,  I'll certainly check it out.  Maybe the under cover 
cops could arrest our legislators for being stupid and hard headed,  The 
efforts of FCB to get a bill passed again this year didn't get any attention 
what so ever.  I would almost be willing to bet there are as many pedestrians 
killed and injured as there are murders.  If you ever want to kill someone and 
get away with it, just run over them with a vehicle.

Just last week a 74 year old man in Madison was hit and killed and I stopped 
counting here in Leon county after 14 since I got hit last August.

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  I just listened to a great article on this from npr; any one interested can 
get it from http://thin.npr.org/s.php?sId=321049308

  It said a study on pedestrian safety was just released, and Florida was one 
of the unsafest states, with the top four unsafe cities being in Florida. (no 
news to Robert or Sila I'm guessing).


  It blamed a culture in the state believing that roads are only for drivers, 
and laid a lot of the blame at the feet of law enforcement.


  In Orlando, their police are mounting sting operations, where they have 
undercover police pose as pedestrians to ticket motorists who ignore the laws 
for pedestrian safety.




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