[tabi] Re: 3 questions about using NVDA or Window-Eyes with voice input on a windows 8 computer

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  • Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 13:32:09 +0000

Hi Jim,

Unfortunately, you are out of luck here:

#1 No, no scripts for Dragon except those for Jaws, which do cost several 
hundred dollars.
@.  My app is named WSR (which is the common abbreviation for Windows Speech 
Recognition).  However, it's not a full working app, only an example showing 
how the WSR can be made to work with Window-Eyes.  I added the speaking of 
several critical WSR dialogs, and I added a few Window-Eyes verbal commands 
showing how you can cause it to read the line and things like that.  It was 
always meant for some other developer to pick up and finish, but it seems no 
one was interested.

3. I'll look for a WSR text manual I know I've seen and I'll send it to you; 
there are also wiki sites for it, etc.  There's also a mailing list, which I 
was monitoring for a year, where those working with WSR said it had a 
recognition rate about as good as Dragon; but since it was free, it had little 
documentation and no support at all.

I played with WSR for a while, and it's very cool; you can define very 
wide-ranging commands for it to interpret, the way Siri does, such as What is 
the cell number for Joe Smith", and it would speak the answer to you.  I 
learned a lot of this from the mailing list posts, not from the documentation, 
which is fairly minimal.

When I find the manual, if I can find the info on the mailing list, I'll send 
that to you also.

I'm sorry if you don't want to take on programming an app for WSR and 
Window-Eyes, your only choice then is to buy jaws, buy Dragon, and then buy the 
Jaws macros.  You're probably in for at least $2000 to do that; that's why I 
think getting Window-Eyes for free, and the Window Speech Recognition for free, 
is so attractive for someone who may want to learn to program an app for it.



Chip Orange
Florida Public Service Commission
Computer Systems Analyst

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I would like to use NVDA or Window-Eyes with windows speech Recognition
program and/or Dragon Naturally Speaking! I already know that their are
Window-Eyes aps for the program windows speech Recognition program.
I have 3 questions:
1, has anybody made any scrips, or aps to work with either screenreader
for either program?
2, chip, what is the name of your ap for windows speech Recognition? and 
how does it work?
3, does anybody have a mp3, or text manual on how to use the windows
speech Recognition program?

Have a nice day from, K4NKZ Jim

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