[sysconfig1] Test Pointers - Again

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Here are some questions and tips to help you prepare for Test #2. These
topics cover material from chapters 3,4, & 5, plus lab exercises.

1. Know the 2 types of RAM. What are the different methods used for error
checking of DRAM?

2. What is the role of the PCI bus on a Pentium motherboard with the Intel
400 chipset? How has the role of  the PCI bus changed with the adoption of
newer chipsets?

3. How do you tell the difference between an AT and an ATX motherboard? What
are embedded components? What are the advantages and disadvantages of having
embedded components?

4. What is USB? What benefits does it offer? How are devices connected to
this bus? Which OSes support USB?

5. What are the main features of the Pentium processor? Know the difference
between CISC and RISC chips. What are wait states? What special
functionalities have been incorporated into the Pentiums and AMD chips over
the years?

6. What are the different form factors used for processors over the years?
Which one is the most popular today?

7. What are the benefits and differences between the 400 and 800 series of
Intel chipset?

8. What is the frontside bus and backside bus?

9. Know how memory is mapped by the different OSes discussed in the
textbook. How does DOS manage memory? What are the different ways  you can
check the amount of RAM installed in a machine?

10. What is virtual memory? RAM drive? Know the physical characteristics of
RAM. What are the different module types? What type of machine use these
different module types?

11. What is the role of the BIOS? How do device drivers differ from the
system BIOS?

12. What happens during the formatting of a floppy disk? What are clusters?
What are they used for? How does the OS  track files stored on secondary

13. Know what the common error messages associated with floppy drives are?

14. How do you install a floppy drive? And what are common problems that can
develop from improper installations?

15. What are the differences between Zip drives and Superdisks (LS-120)?

If are comfortable with these topics and can answer these questions
thoroughly, you should have no difficulty passing the 2nd test.


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Computer Studies Dept.
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