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The following are some pointers to help you prepare for Test #1:

1. Know what the CMOS chip is and its role in the PC today.

2.Know which OSes use GUI interfaces and which ones do not. What are the
other interfaces used?

3.What are traces? What are buses? How do they relate to each other in the

4. Know what happens in the boot process in terms of hardware and the
operating systems discussed in class.

5. Know the roles of the different types of memory: RAM, ROM, CACHE,

6. What are the different types of expansion slots found in computers today?

7. Know the names of ports commonly found on a PC and the types of
connectors used.

8. What are the 4 system resources and how are they allocated? What role do
they play? e.g. What is the purpose of an IRQ? How do you check the
assignment of these resources? In DOS? In Windows?

9. What is the system clock? What is its purpose?

10. What is the role of the system BIOS? Are there other BIOSes?

11. How are circuit boards used in the PC? What type of microchips would you
expect to find on these boards? Why are CMOS chips more popular for some

12. What are the core DOS files, core Windows 9x files and core Windows 2000
files? What role do they play in the boot process? What are the
characteristics of these file? Which ones can a user easily modify in order
to change configurations?

13.What are the differences between Protected mode and Real mode?

14. How are device drivers similar to a BIOS and how are they different?

15. Software controls all the functions of hardware in a computer system. In
general terms, what are these functions?

16. What is multitasking? Are there different types? If so, how are they

17. How can we setup and change hardware the hardware configuration setting
used by the BIOS?

18. What is a jumper? What is a dip switch? How do we manipulate them?

By reviewing the PowerPoint slides, reading chapters 1 & 2 and reviewing
what you did in lab you should be able to capture this information and
answer these and other question. Prepare early and prepare well.


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