[sysconfig1] Fw: 64-bit systems on parade

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Here is a copy of a newsletter with information about 64-bit Windows
operating systems. Note cpu and memory capabilities.

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> 09/06/01 - Today's focus: 64-bit systems on parade
> Dear Burt Philp,
> In this issue:
> * Microsoft covering the desktop and server markets with 64-bit
>   systems
> * Links related to Windows networking
> * Featured reader resource
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> Today's focus: 64-bit systems on parade
> By Network World staff
> It's raining 64-bit systems in Redmond these days, which means
> that Microsoft has finally caught up with the Linux vendors who
> have been shipping Intel-based 64-bit software for months.
> Of course, it doesn't mean that anyone is using them.
> Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Limited Edition, which runs on
> Intel's new 64-bit Itanium chip, was released late last month.
> The 64-bit server supports up to eight processors, 64G-bytes of
> memory and comes with 25 client access licenses.
> Microsoft is following that up next month with the desktop
> version of the 64-bit operating systems, Windows XP
> Professional. The operating system is targeted for technical
> workstations.
> Microsoft's Top 5 reasons for running the operating system are:
> large memory support (16G-bytes of RAM and 16T-bytes of virtual
> memory), optimization for the Intel Itanium processor family,
> multiprocessing, interoperability (using the Windows on Windows
> 64 x86 emulation layer to support 32-bit business
> applications), and the 32-bit like programming model.
> Obviously, there were not enough pluses for a Top 10.
> The consumer version, Windows XP Home Edition, will not come in
> the 64-bit model.
> In the first half of next year, Microsoft will ship a 64-bit
> version of Windows 2000 DataCenter, the high-end server
> platform that supports up to 32 processors.
> IT managers should think about these operating systems as
> nothing more than lab toys. They are not proven in production
> and lack off-the-shelf applications.
> Even Microsoft is recommending that users take a measured
> approach.
> Velle Kolde, lead product manager for Windows Enterprise
> Servers says enterprise customers will want to do thorough
> testing and benchmarking of their applications.
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