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Robert (Unregistered) posted Week 12 NFL Predictions:

Week 12
Last week 12-3 (.800)
Season 96-65 (.596)

3-0 on Thanksgiving

Patriots over LIONS - Tom Brady returns to Michigan (Hail to the Victors!); 
Pats must beware of over-confidence
PATRIOTS 45 Lions 24
Saints over COWBOYS - Garrett has reenergized the 'Boys; this game will be a 
test of just how much
SAINTS 30 Cowboys 27
JETS over Bengals - last week's Bungles game was a disgrace; how long will 
Cardiac Jets' luck run?
JETS 26 Bungles 10

FALCONS over Packers – toss-up; possible NFC Championship preview
TEXANS over Titans – Titans are rudderless; Texans are aimless; something’s 
gotta give
Vikings over REDSKINS – if there is any pride left in the purple…
GIANTS over Jaguars – G-men rebound against one of the scrappiest teams around
Steelers over BILLS – three in a row for Bills? I don’t think so
BROWNS over Panthers – have I mentioned how toothless the Panthers are?
SEAHAWKS over Chiefs – toss-up; Chiefs must prove themselves on the road
Dolphins over RAIDERS – toss-up; Dolphins are road warriors
Eagles over BEARS – Eagles are simply a better team
RAVENS over Buccaneers – young Bucs get the ultimate test facing Ray Lewis & Co.
BRONCOS over Rams – this game could be close
Chargers over COLTS – toss-up; Rivers v. Peyton, wow
49ers over CARDINALS – could be Singletary’s last game if he doesn’t win


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