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Robert (Unregistered) posted Week 9 NFL Predictions:

Week 9
Last week 7-6 (.538)
Season 65-52 (.556)

Curses! I should have been 8-5, but I could not pull the trigger against the 

FALCONS over Buccaneers – the Bucs are the surprise team of the year, but I 
don’t think they can handle Atlanta at home
RAVENS over Dolphins – Dolphins are the ultimate road warriors, but that will be 
tested against Ray Lewis & Company
Bears over BILLS – if Bears lose this one (a possibly) expect a house-cleaning 
in Chicago
Saints over PANTHERS – Saints proved their mettle against Steelers, but they 
cannot let down against hapless Carolina
Patriots over BROWNS – Grudge match as Mangini takes on the Genius
Jets over LIONS – OK, the Lions shocked me last week, but, then again, Shanahan 
was an idiot last week
Chargers over TEXANS –toss-up, this game should be high-scoring affair, with 
both teams having a lot to prove
VIKINGS over Cardinals – with all the drama, the Vikes get a weak Cardinal team 
to host
Giants over SEAHAWKS – The G-Men are the class of the NFC East – for now
Chiefs over RAIDERS – toss-up between two resurgent franchises
Colts over EAGLES – with Vick back, Philly can win this game, toss-up
PACKERS over Cowboys –the ‘Boys have been disgraceful this season; Pack won a 
pivotal game last week
Steelers over BENGALS – Steelers can make the AFC North a two-team contest by 
putting Cincy out of its misery on Monday night


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