[suncommunity] Re: Video not working on Sun Ultra 10

  • From: Barbie Levile <barbie@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 03:54:25 +0100

On Monday, Dec 30, 2002, at 03:34 Europe/Berlin, Phil wrote:

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> Hey.
> I am new to this and I need some help. I have a Sun Ultra 10 and I am 
> trying
> to connect a monitor to it. I tried 3 different VGA monitors and none 
> of
> them worked.
> Here is a picture of the back. I am confused because there are 2 video
> symbols.
> http://www.suslow.com/ebay/DSCN2009.jpg
> Anyone have ideas as to what is going on here and how I can get it so 
> I can
> have the monitor work?
Yes, option 1, the machine is defective.
option 2, it has two gfx card, the one with the big (13w3) connector is 
per default settings the main framebuffer,
and the build in framebuffer, the one with the normal vga conenctor is 
disabled because of it.

solution if option 2: a) remove the addone framebuffer, but you don't 
want to do that for actual working, since its much betetr then the 
build in.
b) get a 13w3 to vga connector of some sort to connect it to a vga 
make sure the monitor can atleast handled 1152x900@76hz

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