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how about using the lid/heating element/heat stirrer fan from one of those
convection cookers that looks like a big glass pot? it is all integrated,
built to take high temps, has temp control to act as safety temp limit and
I think harbor freight has one on sale for $25.
just need,circular hole in top of oven box.

jim fackert
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>  Hair dryers / heat guns may be underengineered for the expected duty
> cycle and runtime.  I've scratched my head about possible alternatives.  A
> couple suggest themselves as starting points:  1) small resistance-element
> type room heater.  2) toaster oven elements.  I think the latter may have
> already been mentioned in a previous post.
> (1) can certainly handle the runtime, and probably the duty cycle too.
> Could it get the oven hot enough?  I suspect it wouldn't be a big problem,
> but it's a question.  Probably best suited to an "outside the oven" type
> design.
> (2) is certainly robust enough to handle the oven environment and get it
> plenty hot, but might result in an oven with difficult "hot spots" -- and
> putting it outside the oven a la convection oven might make for an awkward
> build.
> Is there now some consideration of not recirculating or at least
> containing the heated air?  The "heat budget" probably won't allow for just
> venting it when the fan is running.
> Cheers,
> Mark L.
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>   Hi all,
> regarding SSRs, I have some spare ones I can send to Vicente, if needed.
> I don’t have much experience with thermal calculations and designs, but
> regarding the use of hair dryers/heat guns my idea would have been to NOT
> put the entire device into the oven – which indeed would cause some issues
> with the overheat protection and possibly melt some plastic parts of the
> devices – but to just use it to blow hot air through the chamber.

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