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I was glad to see you motivated them into thinking out of the box. I just
thought the whole thing was dead and buried. I take it the new idea is
staging, rather than using the first stage as an expander for the second stage.
I was over in Bend about a month ago, and thought of calling you to have a
dinner someplace and discuss the subject. I have a brother who has a ranch
over in Burns. He'd hurt himself pretty good, neck and lower back after being
mashed against the corral fence by a bull you can't see over the back of got
ticked off. There was a question of whether he was going to be a quad, or
paraplegic. Instead he came out of it with some metal bracing in his back and
in pretty fair shape considering. Pretty good hospital their in Bend. Anyway
I didn't get to make the call of course. Next time I'm through there (?), I'll
try again. Not many around here who are interested in such out ot the box
things such as rockets, other than crops and tractor pulls.
Also, I have probably a 100 + lbs of various rapid burning chemicals. The
wife and I have no kids, so I'll put you in an amendment to the my Will, that
if you want to come up and get them on my "permanent departure", they are
yours. I'd rather they went to somebody that could use them as intended, and
not just have them dumped in some toxic waste dump. All of it is first rate
This is not to say I'm on borrowed time. I'm actually pretty healthy. But
having few family members left, the wife and I plan as much as possible on our
departure, that things kind of go into an automatic mode on the estate
We've handled 3 estates over the years, and set ours up to minimize the
trama and greed as much as possible. So if your interested, you'll be notified
automatically. I don't know anyone around the NW that could use them to as
good an intent as yourself. Or you could give them to someone else you felt
could use them. Just so they aren't wasted is the deal.

Cliff Bates
Quincy, WA.
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You should be able to change it yourself. That said, you can send me your
old email address and what you want it changed to and I can do it for you.

Jeff Moore

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how do I change my email address?

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